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Everything an upcoming music artist or producer needs in (2022)

imma start everything off with a lap top now lets be real you can do windows but I think in the long run your chopping ps, wasting cheese, Coppin please, when you could of just got an Apple Mac book pro

Here's why , if you get a windows then you likely to purchase fruit loops, audacity, pro tools

etc. Now these are all good music software but at a starting price of (£300-1500) they want you to stay in the matrix. After you've spent a Moorgate on the software you now have to purchase plugs ins, oh you thought ish free, say you need autotune ahhhh gotta buy another plug in (£300). You see what I mean that's how they get you, just purchase MacBook pay 1 time fee for Logic Pro (£200)

and enjoy everything you need to sound like a professional artist. Its comes with all the plug in you need just need the correct combination and its magical.

You could start up with a one of the basic mics for £30

and honestly be fine and still achieve a quality sound with the right mix. However if that £3000 production quality is what your after then the rode mic

should be purchased, (£150-£200). And again wi

th the right channel strip in logic you won't need to but any plugins, plus ins are just short cuts, you can create any sound you want the stock plug ins on logic truss me for examples check out my music #plug - elijah aike on all platforms, and check out the quality.

Then the last thing you need is an audio interface and please do not ball out on this either the big brand names is cool but it's the same as a Louis Vuitton t shirt compared to a Zara t shirt. Your paying for the brand rather then the product.

I'd recommend (m - audio )

Or the focusright red as great starting points.

If this helps lmk and I'll post the channel strip you a a-- apply into logic to have it sounding professional

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