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We’re really internet . A website about things AIKE , and various friends & guests think are interesting. Little-to-no specific focus, a bit odd, speling errors, and incredibly culturally relevant.


AI Aike

Do as thou wilt

Law is by man, feeling and will is by god, nothing can stop me bitch


There's something about next year that's got me feeling excited + 888 on all streaming platforms we've officially shifted timelines


Whoever threw you under the bus, they got run over the bus didn't even touch you

I’m back

I'm in nyc and I've spent all my dollars but I still need to go to the strip club

List of the best Tailors in London

no particular order however these are the most trusted. - J S Limbu - Max Foucaut - Thomas Rickard - Gavin Genga - Amalia k.s

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